Monday, February 6, 2012

F has a new website! Check it out

F Collection: Feminist vignettes to inspire and ignite.

F collective is all about (re)creating and showcasing a movement that is alive and kicking patriarchy in the arse.

With this in mind, for 2012 we are embarking on a blog project to highlight feminist and women's rights campaigns, groups and activists doing said kickarse work. We’re especially focusing on young and otherwise marginalized groups in the movement, as well as the stalwarts.

With this project we are going to show some, but by no means all, of the diversity, creativity, ideas, colour and skill of the movement, and on the way we'll give you a ton of ideas to get active and connect to feminist communities.

We welcome your suggestions of groups and campaigns to cover. Just flick us an email at If you want to make our lives especially easy you could include a fabulous photo with your suggestion and specific ideas for how people can get involved. We will of course credit you and your org - that’s the whole point, to showcase the fabulous work feminists are doing on a whole range o’ issues.

So without further ado, a timely post on the ASU equal pay campaign. They’ve had some major wins in the last year...