Monday, January 25, 2010

Book of the week no. 2

The F Word : How we learned to swear by feminism
Jane Caro & Catherine Fox
New South Publishing

In this lively and warm-hearted book the feminist authors explain how sexual inequality is still frighteningly prevalent. Why do women still carry the guilt for a messy home, why are women paid so much less than men?

The big issues facing women and men are addressed with practical suggestions on how women can combine motherhood, a social  life and a career.

How has feminism become a dirty word and how can we reclaim it?  

Jane Caro is a former advertising copywriter who now writes on women, families and education. Catherine Fox is deputy editor of AFRBOSS magazine and writes a weekly column, ‘Workspace', for the Australian Financial Review.

Book summaries are care of the lovely Gail at the Feminist Bookshop

Friday, January 15, 2010

The very first book of the week!!

The Great Feminist Denial
Monica Dux & Zora Simic
Melbourne University Press

All around us feminism is getting the blame. Feminism has gone from being a movement that helps women to one that is the cause of all that is wrong in women’s lives.

The authors who both describe themselves as feminists examine the popular debates in which feminism stands accused. This refreshing book puts an ailing feminist past to rest, and proposes a new way ahead for young women of today to call themselves feminists.

Monica Dux is a Melbourne writer who contributes regularly to the Age. Zora Simic is a lecturer in Australian history at ANU.

Book summaries are care of the lovely Gail at the Feminist Bookshop