Monday, January 25, 2010

Book of the week no. 2

The F Word : How we learned to swear by feminism
Jane Caro & Catherine Fox
New South Publishing

In this lively and warm-hearted book the feminist authors explain how sexual inequality is still frighteningly prevalent. Why do women still carry the guilt for a messy home, why are women paid so much less than men?

The big issues facing women and men are addressed with practical suggestions on how women can combine motherhood, a social  life and a career.

How has feminism become a dirty word and how can we reclaim it?  

Jane Caro is a former advertising copywriter who now writes on women, families and education. Catherine Fox is deputy editor of AFRBOSS magazine and writes a weekly column, ‘Workspace', for the Australian Financial Review.

Book summaries are care of the lovely Gail at the Feminist Bookshop


Anonymous said...

I had great hope for Jane Caro but then read a piece she wrote re birth and mothering, yuk, what a victim of the misogynistic birthing/maternity system. Only a reinforcement that mothering is crap, no pearls re the strength of women's bodies and the benefits of care when women are supported by women

Anonymous said...

It would be really great to see the stats on a study into the background of 'feminists' and psych profile those who call themselves feminists, it always seems like there is that one underlying issue unresolved, by a minority in eg: Australia where many women are happy to rejoice being a woman without wanting to be a part of the 'feminist' movement, which only goes to damage the issue and landscape.
No wonder as you get older you become (or revolve back to) more conservative views and pathway.
The 'big issues' Caro talks about have GONE, we dealt with these in the 1980's, now women realise you can't have it all - all of the time, some can..but most can't, so you as an individual need to understand limitations... Ha! good luck to Gen Y and Z, for they know none, let their heads explode in frustration, for movements like this will not be able to reign them in, only frill their ego's out of reality and control.
Please think of the millions of 'WOMEN' who 'ARE WOMEN' and 'NOT FEMBOTS'. Thank you, Mary.