Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Auslan interpreters - DO YOU REQUIRE ONE?

We currently have two Auslan interpreters lined up for the conference for any attendees that require their assistance. At present, however, we have had no one indicate that they will require an interpreter and, as such, are considering cancelling the booking.

We have to give the interpreters 48 hours notice if we no longer require them so please let us know by WEDNESDAY NIGHT IF YOU REQUIRE AN AUSLAN INTERPRETER.

Our email is: f.the.conference@gmail.com

Thanks and looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday!!

P.S. If you haven’t booked already we are literally down to OUR LAST FEW TICKETS so get in fast or be prepared to miss out!!

1 comment:

Quentin said...

Noooooo.... I left it too late!!! Please, please, please - if there is one spare ticket can I buy it? I can arrive earlier if necessary to buy it, or just attend one day, or bake brownies, or pay a bit more..... :( Can you please reply to this comment I'll get the reply via email.