Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Abortion: Crime or Choice? Candidates tell us where they stand

With the NSW state election just around corner, WEL and the F Collective canvassed candidates from key electorates for their views on Abortion Law Reform, in our efforts to build a campaign towards decriminalising abortion.

Abortion remains under the criminal code in NSW under the Crimes Act 1900 (Division 12), meaning women are still denied autonomy over their own bodies and reproductive choices in NSW. Currently, a woman can only legally procure an abortion if her doctor believes that it is necessary to protect her from serious danger to her life or her physical or mental health. Even so, a woman, her partner and doctor can risk prosecution in NSW under the Crimes Act.

Candidates were asked to respond to the question posed below. Click here to access out interactive map and find out how your candidates fared.

As any change to the criminal status of Abortions in NSW, is likely to be a conscience vote for most members of parliament, please indicate how you would vote should a bill be put forward proposing the removal of abortion from the NSW Crimes Act 1900:

In the instance of such a conscience vote, I would vote in favour of removing abortion from the NSW Crimes Act 1900
In the instance of a such conscience vote, I would against removing abortion from the NSW Crimes Act 1900
I am unwilling to disclose how I would vote in the instance of a conscience vote regarding the removal of abortion from the NSW Crimes Act 1900

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